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Family Support Services

Family Support Services include a range of support for families of children and youth with a diagnosis of a developmental disability, a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder are eligible for our life skills program. These services are intended to help promote children's healthy development, maximize quality of life and assist families in their role as primary caregivers.

It is important to ensure your child is receiving high quality intervention. The following are best practices for implementing autism services and treatments:


• Development of an individualized plan of intervention based on a curriculum that emphasizes six basic skill domains:

• academic

• communication

• social/play skills

• emotional/self regulation

• motor/sensory functioning

• independence/life skills


Child and Youth Care Worker

Provides a specialized child-care worker who assists the child to learn social and life skills, and/or to support the family to learn parenting/child management skills.


Community-based Supports and Services

Parents play a central role in determining the type of support they receive from the Program. This family-centered program is designed for those who are parenting chil¬dren under age 3 who either have developmental delays or disabilities, or are at risk of developing them. There are many reasons why a child with ASD may come into careParenting a child with autism can be very challenging and exhausting. Plan¬ning ahead to avert exhaustion is wiseMany families find that establishing a good working relationship with a respite caregiver can be very helpful. A respite caregiver provides care to the child while other family members have an opportunity to rest, regroup and develop strategies to make life less stressful. Based on the child’s and the family’s needs, the MCFD social worker will help determine the best respite option.

Child and Youth Care Workers

This program provides children and families with a specialized child-care worker who assists the child to learn social skills, life skills and/or to support the family to learn parenting/child management skills. In many communities there is a waiting list for this program.


The purpose of this manual is to provide you with some general information and guidelines regarding the delivery of life skills services.


Our Organization is intended to be focused on the intervention to improve the child’s, adolescent adult functioning and future outcomes rather than on the maintenance. This plan is to be individualized and based on the child’s unique strengths and challenges




In order to access our services we require a written referral form. We are a private organization delivering private services. We understand that you may want to utilize your funds to pay for the service. Each end session you will be provided with a receipt for the service provided for that day, this also means that for each session the payment is required at the end of the session when the 1:1 life skills worker returns to the location where the service was started.

We do prefer that funders use our own forms because it includes all the pertinent information we require to deliver and process all application more rapidly.

The referral form should be submitted to the life skills worker supervisor via e mail o to the 1:1 Life skills worker.


Services Contracts and renewals


Every service contract state(s) the start date of the service the end date af each contract is determined by the life skills worker, the person served or the caregiver/ family. With this in mind we created a contract that can be terminated by any of the three parties at any time. Further more a service shall not be started unless there is a contract in place. All extensions or modifications done during or while services are provided must be submmited into the contract are reviewed by the program supervisor. Services shall commence once a contract has being created and its approval has being reviewed by the supervisor of life skills.

Our organization has created a personalized contract template we encourage you to fill our contract. A phone call or email to the program supervisor advising them that a contract is close to expiry should be sufficient for having a contract renewed. If you are

unsure about the procedure in your program, ask your supervisor. You may be asked to assist the funder by completing a Contractor Agreement in order to help expedite renewals and avoid unnecessary breaks in services


First Contact with Supported Persons and/or


First Contact Meeting is basically an intake meeting (which is required before service delivery can begin). This first contact also provides an opportunity in order to

introduce our life skills services to them.


Once a referral form has been received, the Program Supervisor will arrange a schedule to the supported person and his or her family.


Intake Meeting and Orientation


Before we begin services, we meet with the supported individual/ family in order to describe the life skills service in more detail, to address any questions that supported individuals/their families may have, and to solicit information that we need to provide a

more effective service. This information is collected by means of an Intake (Personal Information Summary) form and includes such things as the new client’s: likes/dislikes, fears/phobias, triggers, and general support needs. The funder is invited to attend this meeting (social worker, case worker or parent, as appropriate).Be sure to provide the new client or family with a copy of our consumer handbook: Information about Our Services, and to review core components of the services with them.


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