Why Did You Become A CPCA Member?


We regularly receive inquiries around the benefits of membership with the CPCA. Some of you may have joined because you needed liability insurance and found out it costs over $1000 for malpractice insurance without association membership and only $222 if you belong to the CPCA. Some of you joined because you were mandated to belong to an association to be eligible for counselling contracts and sought out the RPC designation to be recognized as a professional in your community. Some of you joined not only to be recognized by other professionals, but also to market your designation and professionalism to potential clients via the CPCA website. Many of you may have joined to have a sense of belonging to a group of counselling professionals whom you can interact with to reduce the sense of isolation. Many of you may take advantage of the CPCA Forum, which has been so efficiently run by Dr. Faizal Sahukhan our National Communications Director. Some of you may have joined to attend conferences and professional development opportunities to enhance your counselling abilities and techniques. Some of you joined because you believe in a competency-based model of counselling and psychotherapy practice. Perhaps you joined the association to help lobby and advocate on your behalf for recognition of your credentials. Life experience, professional counselling / psychotherapy training and natural abilities may have led you to believe in the CPCA mandate and model.


Many times I hear questions around what the benefits of student membership. Often I let them know that not only are they taking the step toward being informed of ongoing developments in the counselling/psychotherapy profession, they are becoming a stakeholder in the competency model. They now have a voice in where the profession is heading and securing they have a place in it when they graduate from their counselling training program.


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Why did you become a member? Why do you remain a member? What membership benefit(s) are the most significant to you?

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