Billing Policy

Sessions and Fees

Counselling sessions are $85.00 per session; 55 minutes for therapy and 5 minutes for file management and note taking.

For information about Rory’s billing, see here.


Clients are required to pay their fee at the end of each session unless referred by an external agency such as an Employee Assistance Program. Payment can be made by cash, e-transfer, or cheque, unless otherwise agreed upon with your counsellor. A receipt will be issued upon payment.

Other Charges:
Other charges will be applied for client services outside the counselling sessions. These may include such services as: Telephone consultations with the client or other professionals, emails, letters and other reports relevant to the client’s therapy; Meetings and conferences on behalf of the client(s); Travelling time to and from destinations on behalf of clients.


Counselling services are not covered by the provincial health plan (MSI). However, some Employee Assistance Programs and Group Insurance Plans may provide coverage for our services. An official receipt will be given to you at the end of the session for submission to your Insurance provider. If you are refused coverage, we will be happy to advocate on your behalf. The Canadian Professional Counsellors Association is collaborating with the insurance providers to allow clients a wider choice of whom they would like to see.

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