Frequently Asked Questions

Are you psychologists?

No, we are not psychologists. We are Registered Professional Counsellors with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association. We meet strict educational and competency requirements, undergo regular professional development training and peer supervision, carry professional liability insurance, and have passed rigorous testing to meet our organizational requirements for licensure.

Are your services covered by MSI or health insurance?

Private mental health services are not covered by provincial health insurance. Many third-party health insurance companies do not cover services provided by Registered Professional Counsellors as this time. However, services have been covered on a case-by-case basis and more insurance companies are approving claims submitted for services provided by Counsellors. Please check with your health plan provider for more information. Registered Professional Counsellors have been covered under the same category as clinical counsellors, mental health therapists, or psychotherapists (not psychologists) in the past.

Will you give me a diagnosis?

As Registered Professional Counsellors we are not permitted to provide a diagnosis in accordance with Provincial Law. Doctors (usually a psychiatrist) and psychologists are the only professionals who can make an official diagnosis in Nova Scotia. Although your Counsellor may have working theories about possible diagnoses, our main focus is on relieving symptoms and distress. If you need a diagnosis your Counsellor would be happy to refer you to a psychologist.

What is the difference between a Counsellor, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist?

Counsellors work with clients to help them overcome personal struggles through counselling and coaching. Counsellors are trained in mental health counselling approaches, crisis intervention, and various other areas. The main goal of a Counsellor is to help clients overcome personal struggles.
A Psychologist is a therapist with at least a master’s degree in counselling or clinical psychology, and focus on psychopathology. In general, a Psychologist will offer a wider range of therapies for psychological disorders, and are also able to conduct psychological assessments for various disorders.
A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor with a specialization in mental health. Psychiatrists are able to provide therapy for a wide range of disorders, give a diagnosis, prescribe medications, and conduct psychiatric assessments.

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